8mm & 16mm Film to USB

Cost and manufacturing of 8mm films has been superseded by the digital age. 

Videotape has become a recording media of the past. It seems inevitable that DVDs will eventually go the way of the VHS tape. Film projectors and parts are no longer manufactured. This means it is becoming difficult to view these historical items. In years to come these films will become history. So to preserve and view you 8mm film history. Infocus Photography & Video can transfer your films onto File/USB/DVD for viewing.

We can add music, voice-overs and/or titles. We transfer 8mm and 16mm films sound or silent in real time. To minimise losses to your film transfer process and reduce flicker we use film projectors, a high end telecine equipment and sophisticated camera system. 

Films are transferred to File/USB/DVD for ease of viewing, and can be watched by all family members, anytime. Here is a bit of technical stuff for those who would like to know.  The converted media is made into an mp4 file format for playing on PC or Mac.  USB's and hard drives are converted to a NTFS (PC) or exfat (PC, Mac) file format for transport / storage. These files can be used with most smart TV's. It is highly recommended having a complete back up of your files for safe keeping and stored elsewhere.

Film formats

Transfer old movie films to DVD/USB/HDD.  8mm Films come in a yellow or black 50ft (feet) plastic spool pack about 8cm or 3 inches in diameter. Each individual 50ft film pack has 3.5 to 4 minutes of recorded material. There are different standards of films. Regular 8mm film or Super 8mm.  Regular film is an older format and came out of old 16mm film stock.

(Refer to film format image).

Some films have sound recorded onto magnetic stip. Usually recorded at the time of filming. Mostly found on super8 films, evident by the small brown tape strip on the film itself. If you can't find it on your film, it is more than likely a silent film. 

Conversion Pricing Estimate:  Each 50ft super 8mm reel of film (sound or silent) is $30 per reel. Films joined onto larger reels are priced on the number of 50ft reels that fit onto the larger spool.  A reel that has a 200ft super8 film is equivilant to 4 x 50ft smaller reels. The cost of conversion to digital for this 200ft reel is $120, plus the cost of a USB drive which can be supplied by Infocus.

Pricing to transfer each 50ft 8mm reel of film (sound or silent) is $30 per reel. This also includes cleaning of the film prior to conversion. Please note that pricing may vary depending upon the condition of films and circumstances beyond my control. Film can be damaged by years of use and neglect and left in a condition where it is difficult to convert. The minimum fee to transfer 8mm film is $90, or (Three) 3x 50ft reels of film or a 150ft film spool.  It is HIGHLY recommended after conversion of your original film media to make a back up your files onto digital devices and/or cloud storage. and store them safely elsewhere. Infocus only keeps files for a week. PLEASE BACK UP!!

The minimum fee for a single 16mm film reel $90. Please contact us if you require a quote for any 16mm films, sound or silent, including anamorphic lens conversion. If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you. Contact Us. Or call on ph: 03 5334 4889 anytiime. 

We can also convert Audio cassette and vinyl to CD/USB. Sorry, we do not convert copyrighted commercial material. Please don't ask