Wedding Video

In our 30 years experience of filming weddings, we love the experience with people. From high-end VIP events, aerial and various themed weddings to vibrant multicultural ceremonies.

We've covered every wedding you can envisage, from low key do-it-yourself to to the most elaborate of traditional nuptials. One thing that resonates from each wedding we film is that no wedding is ever the same.

We have mastered the art of observation and anticipating the next step whilst being unobtrusive. We strive to capture the moment not create it. 

Our wedding video coverage includes: Groom's and Bride's home, Ceremony and location shots, Reception until going away. Additional services that can be added can include. Highlights, pre-wedding scenes and photography images shot prior to the day. 

Our standard full video coverage includes: Childhood photos, titles, music, mixing of homes complete with elegant effects to reception going away.

We offer personalised designed library inserts, printed disks, menu selections, motion backgrounds and more to complement your finished product. Other packages and requests are also available.

If you are ready, please visit us at 102 Main Rd Ballarat or call  03 5334 4889 to make an appointment.

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